Now In Technicolor

In December 2012, The Vault Ensemble defied the end of the times by teaming up with Radostina Peteva creating a new world: The Vault Pilot. The adventure began with the single idea of capturing the essence and energy of The Vault’s live show and transforming it into a digital experience. What followed was several months of writing and re-writing until we were ready to bring it to life. With the use of 5D and RED cameras  we were able to bring the pieces to life. Though the scripts have changed, beloved characters have returned to share their adventures, and to tell the story of a city with so much personality, it’s basically a character all on its own. If you thought you could escape The Vault’s notorious DTLA and the characters who call it home, think again. Because this time The Vault is coming to you..

A behind the scenes look at "People in your Neighborhood"

A behind the scenes look at “People in your Neighborhood”
Photo courtesy of WhiteStrobe Photography



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